Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Sioux City, IA

At Wagner Ear, Nose and Throat we are dedicated not only to providing you with the best possible care, but also to making sure that you understand the root cause of your ailment and the rationale behind the course of action that we recommend. In our practice we utilize a simple philosophy of Listen, Look and Learn.

LISTEN: We want to hear how you feel and about your issues and concerns.
LOOK: We will exam you thoroughly and assess your condition.
LEARN: We will teach you about your treatment options so you can make an educated decision.

All of us on the team at Wagner ENT have dedicated our careers to otolaryngolical care and our skills and educational backgrounds are unparalleled in the Siouxland area. Dr. Wagner has been practicing since 1993 and is one of only a handful of fellowship trained head and neck surgeons in the state of Iowa.

We would be honored if you would allow us to be part of your healthcare team and we promise to treat you with the utmost honesty and respect.

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  • Dr.
    David V. Wagner

    Dr. David Wagner is the founder of Wagner ENT. He completed his medical residency and general surgery residency at the University of Washington, Seattle and his Otolaryngology residence at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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    At Wagner ENT we believe that an informed patient is the best patient; therefore, we strive to make sure that our patients understand their condition and treatment options. Whenever possible we attempt to use non-surgical methods to treatment them but in some cases surgery is the best choice. Before our patients undergo any procedure we will review what will happen during the procedure, set expectations for the surgery result and review post-operative care.


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